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  • Who is Faisal Khan?
    Faisal Khan is the founder of MotorBeam and FK-R, he is an MBA in Finance by qualification and an entrepreneur by profession. Faisal is an automobile journalist and social media influencer with the most followers amongst automobile content creators (in excess of 3 million fans across platforms). Faisal has been recognised by multiple awards across categories and was bitten by the blogging bug back in 2007 (a time when social media was almost non-existent). Faisal is the first automobile blogger in the country and has driven almost all kinds of vehicles (on all types of terrains including snow and ice) including supercars, ultra-luxury machines, vintage wheels, motorhomes, tuk-tuk, excavator and even a military truck! Besides having a great interest in automobiles, FasBeam (his username online) has a keen liking towards travel (he has traveled across the globe and driven cars in many countries), fitness and gastronomy. In his free time, he likes to play on his Xbox or even cook (eat at your own risk though). His daily tasks include writing, scripting, anchoring, shooting, editing and directing. Thus Faisal is quite busy and if he doesn't reply to your messages, please do understand that he is just busy making great content for you. He has been uploading a video daily at 11:30 AM since the past 1000 days!
  • Can I meet Faisal?
    Faisal would love to meet each one of you personally. He travels extensively both in India and across the globe to experience new vehicles, food and cultures. During his trips, Faisal organises meet-ups for his fans and followers. Follow him on Instagram and you might catch him driving a new car in your locality. Do come and say hi :) He also does ride giveaways, you could also feature with him in a video like this.
  • Where do the vehicles come from? Are they rented?
    Being an automobile journalist and a social media influencer, brands reach out to Faisal for reviews and test drives. He has access to vehicles from automobile manufacturers, dealerships, friends and also fans like you. All vehicles are sourced from the aforementioned channels.
  • What car does Faisal own?
    Does he need to own a car when brands almost always send him one or the other vehicle to test drive and vlog on? With his schedule jam-packed with traveling, testing and vlogging, Faisal never ends up using the car at home, thus he prefers to not talk about it. Faisal firmly believes there is no perfect vehicle and the one you should choose depends entirely on your requirements and personal preferences. Always take a test drive before putting down your hard earned money on buying a vehicle (don't just follow the herd or care about what your neighbour thinks).
  • What are Faisal's favourite cars and motorcycles?
    This is a difficult question to answer as Faisal is crazy about a multitude of cars and bikes. Although a big fan of supercars, he has a soft-corner towards naturally aspirated high-cylinder engines that revv beyond 8500 RPM. On 2-wheels, he prefers street-fighter machines for their agility. His favourite car is the Ferrari 458 Italia while his favourite motorcycle is the Honda CB1100 RS. He also adores the Premier Padmini and is a big fan of old cars which offered a raw and unadultered driving feel. Faisal's dream 5 car garage consists of the Ferrari 458 Italia, Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X, Dodge Challenger SRT Demon, Toyota Land Cruiser J70 and Nissan Skyline GT-R R34 (clearly he isn't a big fan of SUVs). In motorcycles, he would love to own a Kawasaki H2R just for the lunancy it offers but he is also content with the Ninja ZX-25R.
  • What are Faisal's most memorable drives?
    The list is long but here is a top 10 - 1) 10 day motorhome trip across the Nordic region 2) Ashok Leyland FAT 6x6 on a test track 3) 12 Porsches in a single day at the Buddh International Circuit 4) Volkswagen Polo GTI at the Nurburgring 5) Aprilia RSV4 RF with a bad cold 6) Rolls-Royce Cullinan BlackBadge on a desert road 7) McLaren 720S in snowing Switzerland 8) Lamborghini Aventador and Ferrari 488 GTB across the city and on the highway 9) Dune bashing in a Nissan Patrol in the Dubai desert 10) Honda GoldWing across Malaysia, followed by a ride to MotoGP on a CB1100 RS and not to forget the visit to the Bugatti factory and experiencing the state-of-the-art Atelier where the Chiron is assembled.
  • Are there cars which Faisal doesn't like?
    There are a lot of cars Faisal doesn't end up liking and he has been quite vocal about the same. Although he wouldn't say he hates any car but there are quite a few vehicles which left him dissatisfied for a multitude of reasons, the chief among them being the Premier RiO (although one of his all-time favourites is the Padmini from the same company). The below video gives you a good insight into what doesn't impress Faisal in cars.
  • Why don't you shoot professionally, why POV?"
    Faisal already makes professional videos on MotorBeam while FasBeam is a raw take on automobile content. He doesn't review vehicles but gives viewers an experience of vehicles through a 'Point Of View' (POV) camera angle. The vlogs are unscripted, natural and real-time with no retakes, giving people a true essence of unadultered and pure motoring. There is no fancy edit or music on the POV vlogs either, with realism at the core of the content. Faisal also covers automobile events, exotic car showrooms, travel, vehicle tech and behind the scenes of his drive experiences in the form of lifestyle vlogs. He does a YouTube live every weekend to engage with his subscibers and answers their queries.
  • What equipment does Faisal use?
    All the equipments used by him are mentioned in the description of every video. He even reveals the songs he uses in his vlog on Instagram and YouTube community.
  • Who is Faisal's wife / FasBeam wife?
    Faisal Khan is married to Nurain.
  • Any advice for me?
    Faisal lives by these 4 principles - 1) Be the hardest worker in the room - hard work always pays off, there is no shortcut 2) Never give up, be persistent and patient - don't look for overnight success 3) Make long term goals, break them down into smaller ones - go one step at a time 4) Always follow your passion - if you love what you do, you will enjoy your work and excel at it
  • What is FK-R?
    FK-R stands for Faisal Khan Racing and is a limited edition, high quality motorcycle riding gear brand for superfans.
  • What is FKRtribe, can I join it?" is a private community for automobile enthusiasts and access to membership is by invite only.
  • Why is the co-passenger always on the phone when you vlog?
    Faisal uses a head-mounted action camera to shoot driving vlogs and thus can't monitor the frame. Hence a co-passenger monitors the angle of the camera which continously moves due to acceleration, braking, road bumps, sweat (AC off always), etc. The co-passenger notifies Faisal about the aforementioned issues so the camera can be re-adjusted to ensure a proper view.
  • Why does Faisal turn off AC while driving?
    Whenever Faisal shoots a vlog, he always turns off air-conditioning for 2 reasons - 1) To reduce the noise inside the cabin so that the audio recording is clear 2) Turning off the AC reduces the load on the engine and improves the performance of the car, albeit minutely, it's his NOS!
  • What does 'That's What She Said' mean?
    You might have heard Faisal use 'That's What She Said' many times in vlogs and wonder who is the 'she' he is refering to? This is just a joke from a sitcom called 'The Office'. Watch the video below to better understand the relevance.
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