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Jan 27

XUV300 vs ecosport


@Faisal Khan bro i wanted to buy compact suv. I want an automatic variant. Obviously ecosport is the best and you also say that. But what about xuv300 vs ecosport. Which one would be better? Xuv300 will get 1.2 lt ford's petrol engine with turbocharger. What's your pick and which one is better?

XUV300 reviews will come by mid next month, wait till then, the launch is on the 14th.

It is your choose as the xuv 300 comes with more space than the ecosport , xuv 300 is more spacious , has a bigger engine and a dual climate control system , it is the better handler of the two with 4 disc brakes which believe me make a huge difference

Feb 9Edited: Feb 9

see you got no idea what you are talking. ecosport got bigger engine and not xuv300. And in terms of power delivery ecosport standsout regarding petrol. Xuv got less boot space ,interior quality niggles, center control stack and instrument cluster seems dated and not funky

When i was talking about the bigger engine in the xuv i was talking about the diesel varient , as it produces more torque than the ecosport's engine(300nm of torque) , i get that the bootspace is less but you won't feel cramped while sitting behind while thw ecosport feels very cramped , the narrow profile of the esport makes it a 4 seater,

While the xuv is wider , the suspension on harder on the ecosport , while the suspension setup is better on the xuv 300

The interior quality is much better in the ecosport but the xuv is featuer loaded and i have driven the ecosports petrol engine and i can say that is a better ebgine compared to the xuv's petrol engine but there is no denieing that the xuv deisel engine is the better of the two

But in the end it is up to you to choose

It is about what car make you feel happy


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