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Dec 10, 2018

Today's RE INT650 vlog - I m lovin it! | Wonderful Vehicles on Road!

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When you went riding around Mumbai with the RE bike, and published the ride review on youtube today, Faisal, man you are so lucky! I do not like RE much, but since it was a Fasbeam vlog (so naturally it was Phennnnnnnnomenal), I decided to watch it , completely, that too. And I say you are lucky, it is because of the reason, you saw so many cool vehicles in only one ride:


One beautiful old vintage car (I dont know which one, maybe you can help!) : 10:28

Bentley Bentayaga SUV (Serum Institute Of India- Belongs to Cyrus Poonawalla) : 10:37

Toyota Hiace (Rare people Carrier as Indians prefer Tata Winger/Force Traveller) : 11:09

Cadillac Escalade : 15:05


For those fasbeamers who have not yet watched today's vlog: Here is the video!






PS: Please help me with the name of that vintage car!




Great observation there, I don't know which vintage car that is though!

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