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Feb 22

I just want to know about your profession..


Hi Faisal khan ,your big fan this side. I just wanted to know a few things about your profession

1. Do you get paid for making videos about car by the car company?

2. For how much time you get a car for the review?

3. Do you personally bear the expense of the car's fuel or it is provided by the company??

4. For all your travels , such as your travel for the s-class review or the wagon-r review,and the stays for the same are paid by the car's company?

5.God forbids, if any of the review car gets into an accident,who bears the expanse of it's repairs?

6. Can you get the car by your youtube channel i.e faisal khan or you can get it for motorbeam only??


waiting for your answer faisal sir....

Lots of questions, I will try and answer them in a video, will note them down for a Q&A.

Thanks Faisal Sir, Hope you post the video soon. By the way when is this q and a coming??

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