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Oct 11, 2018



Dude when i was young like i was studying 8 or 9 standard i used this a my pc wallpaper then i donno any of this motorbeam or something. Recently you kept a post in insta and fb then i remembered that somewhere i've seen these bike stills. it is when i had as wallpaper. Thank you so much for such pics


Nov 7, 2018

Wow, this picture was taken in 2012.

Nov 7, 2018

yeah it's then 9th standard. Btw you said you'll be doing a vlog on how you hire vehicles from companies and test them , all that sort of paper work. When you gunnah do that?

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  • OMG Nissan GTR vlog is missing. The video I loved so much. Faisal where is all the old amazing vlog, zen maruti800, esteem, and Godzilla GTR vlog. Plz do something. Those videos were a stress buster for me. I used to see it like 3 times a week. Plz reupload it.
  • @Faisal Khan bro in today's bmw 320d (G 20) vlog at last you were on track on something explaining cornering and handling. Where is that area?
  • Dear Faisal/Motorbeam members, I think you should update the Motorbeam website. Firstly, you should update Neha Maheshwari's column in the about, since she now has a duster. Secondly, its been more than a month since Arushi joined Motorbeam. You should add her there as well. Also, can I get information about your magazine? When are you planning to do a best of 2019 kind of review? With all the cars launched this year and, something like that?