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Feb 9

Dear Faisal, thank you!


Edited: Feb 9

It says here put you thought in words and I am doing exactly same.

Well..I ended up becoming that unfortunate guy who had commented in your vlogs and written In this forum but didn't even get your like despite you giving like to the casual comments above and below it (honestly i was a little upset) but since I know you very well, I am sure you haven't done it intentionally and i completely respect the pressure of your large fan following hence writing it again..



I can relate to your love for cars soo badly..I cant resist myself to drive ANY sort of car parked next to me..after doing engineering graduation I want to do exact same thing as you do for my entire life or rather I would pay to do instead of getting paid (if I am blessed and money stands no differentiater)!

Please guide me personally (though very difficult for you) please make a draw my life because you are so honest and kind and I am most inspired by you.

If you are still reading then thank you again for help me find my passion bro.

Btw you are Faisal A Khan

I am Yashraj A Zala .Something similar:-)

And when you come to gujarat(anand) give beans to my 1st gen wagon r with 1.1l typical old Japanese punchy motor even more enjoyable than my 1.2 baleno. if you drive my car then that would be the full contentment to my life..I would die the next day!!.haha

Feb 11Edited: Feb 11

Hi Yashraj, thank you for writing this, posts like these do motivate me to push harder and do better.


I am sorry if I missed your comment, it happens due to timing, I am only able to see or reply to a certain comments since daily videos is itself too intense and time consuming.


I will try and do a video which will better tell my journey.

Thank you Faisal for again making my day!😀

I haven't seen anyone in the youtube with such a good content who uploads daily ( well i am even more biased to this content) and i duily respect the work it takes..

Keep going bro! We are not only with you but inspired by you😁

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