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Mar 5

Be my mentor, Faisal


Edited: Mar 5

Be ready because I am going to eat your head ,again(probably your height will reduce to 6'1-more headroom haha.)

I searched for your email but couldn't find one so using the forum.


Now being a part of very common indian herd mentality I ended up preparing for jee. I was frustrated. found no interest.

But its when you do things you dont like, you find things you love.

Thats what happened to me.

It was back in 2016, our family decided to buy a car..I checked a ton of magazines and videos,motorbeam also (got baleno 1.2 finally, when saw lean faisal drifting haha). Passion for cars just enslaved me even today. Actually it was there when I was a kid. We had a 1st gen red 800(Still there,stalled). Is was my love.


It was from you I got to know about automobile journalism and all..

I found something opt for me

I dreamt a lot

But then I heard from somewhere,"planning for a million is easier than planning for 1"

It shook me to core

Suppose if I am sitting in the room and I decided to start tomorrow then what the hell I will do tomorrow? Should I learn software for the website or camera for shots or improve language? Absolutely confused. I even thought of leaving my dream for once but later dropped of giving up.


Thats when I thought of you illuminating the path. Your following is increasing daily (extremely happy about ) but feared loosing my post in the stack of thousands

So decided writing it now.



All in all, please be my mentor

Waiting for 500k special.










Hi Yashraj,


I am working on a video to tell more about automotive journalism. There is more than meets the eyes.

Thanks man!

Please do put how to begin. Because that's where most people end.

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