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Nov 20, 2018

Wait for FZ25 ABS or go for Apache 200?


Should I wait for FZ25 ABS model to be released or go for Apache 200 ABS right away which unfortunately is not fuel injected. Also I'm not sure if I should go for FZ25 or not. Budget is not the issue and I really like the bike, but I feel unhappy looking at its sales figures and makes me doubt its future in market. :/



Nov 21, 2018

The FZ25 will get ABS as soon as February, I suggest wait for it. The Apache 200 ABS is also a very good bike, better quality no doubt.

Hi Faisal, now that FZ25 ABS being launched, shall I go for it over Apache RTR 200 4V? I'm just waiting for your opninon on FZ25 ABS and would buy it straight away if you say it's good. Are you planning some video on it?

@Aditya Bakshi Hi Aditya, I am also planning to go for fz-25 over the apache as it is comfortable, fuel efficient, reliable, has good power and torque, lightwieght and the power to weight ratio is awesome. All these things are making me to go for the fz.

Still, some of it's cons are poor headlights, lack of sixth gear and also have heard that it's exhaust pipe rusts soon.

Leaving these cons as I think, it is a good bike to purchase compared to the apache and the pulsar.

Still I would also like Faisal to give some verdict over this and also Aditya I would like to know what do you think about both the bikes.

@Priyansh Shrivastava I too think FZ-25 to be the better among the two. The cons you mentioned are the ones that can be lived with. On the contrary, the cons I find in Apache 200 are that the ABS model is not fuel injected and it is one of the slowest in the segment. Also the price difference would not be significant if we wait for the FI model with ABS. So I think FZ-25 to be the better among the two.

One significant problem I see with FZ-25 is its sales numbers. We can rarely see any FZ-25 on the roads while Apache 200 is selling much more. I'm just afraid because of these sales numbers, company doesn't discontinue the bike.

I'd still want @Faisal Khan to give his opinion.

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