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Oct 21, 2018

Pocket rocket or Modern classic?

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Hi Faisal,

Been watching your content or youtube for quite some time now and finally i'm here to seek your help.


I recently sold my himalayan bs3 because of :

1) all the issues it came along

2) gear shifting was not smooth even after 2 years of ownership.

3) lack of abs

4) the company failed to deliver on its claims at least in the bs3 model.


Now I am in the market to buy a new bike with my usage being limited to the city occasional sunday rides and 2-3 outstation trips in a year.

My budget is around 3 lakhs.


After weighing down all pros and cons i narrowed down to the Ktm duke 390 but with all the positive reviews coming in for the interceptor 650 coming in my heart and mind are in a state of war.


Heart says go for the interceptor but the mind says buy 390.

Duke 390 has way superior technology than interceptor and I do not want to be a test subject of a newly launched bike like it happened with himalayan.


could you please help me out with this ? which one would be the smarter choice of the 2.

Oct 21, 2018

Wait for a few months and see market response to the Interceptor, also the long term reliability is unknown so don't go for the first batch.

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