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Jul 10

Karizma ZMR New Model


Hi and many thanks for your efforts , I am from Colombo Sri Lanka. Bought a ZMR in 2018 because I have liked the bike back from the launch. I use the stock tyres with Nitrogen gas and check air level once in two weeks. Please explain if the front tyre has known weakness on slippery surfaces? I understand that some of the owners in India have changed to premium tyre brands such as Pirelli, does it help? What size wider tyres will be supported?? / Priyan /

Yes, changing to better tyres is recommended but if you go wider, you will need to make some modifications at the rear to accommodate the upsize.

Dear Faizal thanks for the initial reply - as the bike is not so common here, after market information is not easy - appreciate if you could explain a bit more on how to do the modification? thanks and best wishes for your future work...

Any tyre vendor will be aware of the same, they have the tools to get it done.

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