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Aug 19, 2018

Is Apache RTR 200 V4 ABS good for me ?

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Hi bro this is Abishak , just have a quick question. I'm 130cm high and dose the Apache 200 be okay for me ? Will it cause any back pani ? I need it to go up and down 120 kms , previously i was riding a splendor plus this is my first major upgrade. Im about the book the bike tomorrow or within this week so please respond as soon as possible. And also how is the seat comfort ? Im not a fat kind of person just normal , will it be okay for me to be in the saddle for longer periods of time.

Hi abhishek, being 130 cm you may really feel it tough to ride the bike in traffic. Coming to the second question, since it has an upright riding position you may not have any backpains riding the bike. I suggest you to visit the nearest showroom, get yourself a test ride before going for it.

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