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Jun 28, 2018

How is ns 200?


Edited: Jun 28, 2018


Jul 19, 2018

Hi...I own a ns 200 abs version and the drivability is awesome the thing is abs is very useful at times seriously ,so for a new purchase stick with newer technology, it gives me around 33-35 in city driving and 40-42 in highway,to be frank when you cruise at 65-75 kmph I once got 48km/l ,so this machine is worth it ,the only problem I face is the slight vibration crossing 5000-5500 rpm,then the machine becomes super smooth,but the gear change doesn't seem smoother to me,peop pe say it will get smooth after 10k kms, I am not sure how the 200 4v performs,take a test drive of both and then choose it bro...

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