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Feb 23

honda cb 300 as a beginner bike?

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hi faisal, I am currently ridding an activa, been saving money for while to buy a really good bike.

I want a bike whose power delivery is not very scary ( unlike duke 390) for beginner

but it shouldn't be so under power to get me bored in 1 year either. so basically i want a really good bike in which I can grow into and I am planning to keep it for 4 years may be, and learn a lot of things about riding on it, I will buy a super-sports (600 cc) class bike at some point in the future.

my usage including commuting ( so it has to be naked), and i love cornering, not touring though. but i want a really good handler for cannons (lavasa).

The new KTM Duke 390 doesn't have scary power delivery and is a better bike than the Honda CB300R.

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