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Jun 23

Highly confused on which one to choose..


Edited: Jun 23

Hi fasbeamers, I'm highly confused between the R15s and the MT 15. I'll probably get one of those in the coming week. I'm 5.6 and thin guy who weighs 45 kgs. Both the bikes suit me ok and I'm very much confused which one to go for. I have taken test ride of mt multiple times and found it comfortable as the sitting position is pretty much relaxing, but I had to tip toe on the mt15 whereas I'm very much comfortable (can almost flat foot) with the r15s. I'm ok with the riding position of the r15s but does it make sense to buy an r15s in 2019 with the outdated tech (as in without abs and VVA)? Looking for an early response. Faisal, need ur opinion.


P.S: I'm going to use it for atleast the next 2-3 years. So how will the r15s survive in the long run considering the production has discontinued? Can I get the spares and all whenever needed?

Why not the R15 V3 as it doesn't make sense to buy the R15 S now.

I'm not ok with the committed riding position. Also I find it real tough to place my feet on the ground. Please suggest one of the above. I'm much inclined towards the R15s for the way it looks (if not I'm ok going for the MT-15 also). But how will the R15s survive in the long run is what I want to find out (the spares and all).

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