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Jul 28

FZ25 vs Apache 200 4v


help me with apache 2004v race edition and fz25.


I need to test drive fz25 but i have test drive apache.

I really like apache's sound.




need help.. I am loving both bike as of reviews.

Both have some pros and cons.



can you pleaze help me with these

Indeed a tough one bro. If you are ok with the power of apache go for it. It is equally reliable too as the other japanese counterpart. In terms of looks (purely subjective) also I'd prefer the apache over the fz25. You can have an advantage when it comes to mileage and the cost of maintenance of the apache should be less than that of the fz. I hope this answers your question.

The Apache 200 offers more features, better handling at a lower cost.

Go for TVS Apache RTR200. I recommend this in terms of maintenance too with above comments. Example, Just check the brake pad cost of RTR200 and FZ25.

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