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Nov 19, 2018

Ducati and Yamaha

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Edited: Nov 19, 2018

Okay my question is two part: A query and your advice on the later:


1. Will you ever do a vlog on the Ducati Scrambler (2019, maybe)?


2. I have a FZ25 roughly 5 months old. Although i did not realize since it was very brand new at the time but people pointed out to me that my rear wheel looked deflated. Upon checking i found out there's some defect (But Not a puncture since i tested the Tyre at multiple shops for a puncture and there wasn't any found) which lets the air to half the pressure in a day's ride but stays constant at around 10 psi. I took it to a Yamaha service centre and they agreed to change the rear rim completely. I thought the issue was solved but now it only leaks slowly, like instead of a day, its like a week or 10 days, but leaks nonetheless and now it doesn't stay at 10 psi or goes down even more.

Can you give your take on this weird problem? Any advice? any solution? I have no idea what's the next step on this. I would love to know you thoughts on this. and anyone else reading this.

Dec 9, 2018

1) Yes, I will.


2) This is peculiar, we have a FZ25 in our MotorBeam long term test fleet and didn't face this issue. Have you tried filing Nitrogen instead of air?

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