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Sep 5, 2018

Doubtful 😐


hi bro greetings from Chandigarh im a college student and about 6 feet and im getting a new bike on my birthday so please suggest a good bike under 2 lakhs with abs (having on both wheels would be a boon)that can do city riding and dont hesitate while up on the highway for occasional drives about 50 km(from home to college during you know college fests)im kinda slim person you know 60kilos on 6 feet... so after researching the final choices are rtr 200 abs and dominar abs.while rtr abs is only in carb variant and has no kickstart im doubtful about winters and domimar as ive heard would be heavy for me....so plz clear my mind up a bit and if thers any better choice do tell.and thanks for reading this far...love your videos...

Sep 5, 2018

The Dominar 400 is your only option as it will suit your height.

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