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Mar 15

Bike info

1 comment

Mr.khan i have been a regular viewer of your vedios and even your company motor beams also

Motor beam does things different because it specifies details with out any drama and gets right to the point on the specifications and pros and

I would like to make a request to that making videos explaining automobile technology would be very helpful the Indian market booming right now

For example explaining what v-TECH is or how it is better than normal engines and the difference between v-TECH and Tdi engines or the difference between normal Discs and petal discs , and the advatages of USD suspension over normal ones many other many other of these

Thank you for the suggestion, I do explain these things in videos, like in the Old Honda City VTEC video, I have explained what is VTEC and how is it different from other variable valve timing systems used by other car makers.

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