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May 16

Why Toyota, Why?!!


The title of the post pretty much sums up my feelings about Toyota's new move but I have to go in more details to elaborate. If you are a car enthusiast in India, you might be aware of the fact that Toyota is entering the premium hatchback segment by simply re-badging the MS Baleno under their agreement with Suzuki.

Toyota have not changed a single thing on the car apart from the logos!

Now, re-badging is not something new in India, we have seen the Duster-Terrano, Vento-Rapid, Sunny-Scala, Micra-Pulse but atleast all these cars had some design elements which were unique to them. Unlike these cars, the Glanza is just like the Baleno with a Toyota badge on it!

This is one of the examples of re-badging but atleast they look slightly different!

This clearly shows the laziness of Toyota and it's safe to say that Toyota is the laziest auto maker in India! Apart from their UVs and etios (in the taxi segment), none of their cars sell and still they don't understand that the Indian market is not as easy as they think. Toyota could have simply bought one of their global hatchbacks in India but instead they decided to re-badge an existing top seller which was off course very easy. This is very strange as Toyota is very active in other countries and is also the world's best selling brand.

The bigger question is that, will this work? Well as a re-badged product, it will be slightly expensive than the Baleno and I don't see any reason why someone would like to pay extra for the same car. Some folks might go for it because of the more premium Toyota badge but then it's a fact that re-badged products have never worked in India.


@Faisal Khan




You are right buddy but have they improved the safety measures? And definately no one would pay more for the same. This is something not expected from toyota....

If they offer 6 airbags (very unlikely) then it might make a little sense but then the fact that it's not a real Toyota is a major downer!

Exactly... it's something like an experiment which toyota is doing and if it gets successful then all other brands will try the same which would be very dissapointing for the automobile industry...

That will be very funny seeing same cars with different logos!

May 16
Top Comment

Sometimes brands are overconfident that their logo is so sought after that if they put it on anything, it will sell. But it comes as a surprise because the Etios didn't sell even with the Toyota logo and neither will the Glanza.

I think they are overconfident because they know if they can sell a 29 lakh rupee people mover then they can do anything! (They are probably wrong)

Yap absolutely right.... hope this time toyota will understand this simple thing...

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