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May 28

WHY do people buy 4x2 Toyota fortuner


Edited: May 28

every day I am disturbed by the question that why do people buy 4x2 fortune when the price difference in top end automatic Innova ( which has same engine, more space, better performance, same features) is nearly 10 lacs rupees cheaper

yaa..even i am confused!

it does't make any sense to buy car that costs that much.

i hope domebody answers that.

People buy the Fortuner 4x2 simply because of the macho looks, maybe they don't like the MPVish looks of the Innova (which is foolish).

What i think is people might not like the MPV's or might think buying an SUV(like the fortuner) increases their presence. But this type of thinking is too childish and full of stupidity. But this type ofmindset is difficult to change..

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