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Mar 6

Who's build quality is better?


who's bhild build quality is better hyundai or maruti ?

Mar 6Edited: Mar 6

I own a baleno and our family used to have an elite also. I would not say i am unbiased because hey, since i was biased i chose a baleno! I loved polo(those days it used to get a bigger engine) but compromised on space and I20 for comfort but its steering and petrol engine was not great . Baleno was a mix of both. And the icing was its looks due to projectors and drls.

But i assure i'll be honest.



Build quality=safety? Nope. Thats the most bizzare trend in many people.

I see a lot of bashing for maruti in some good forums (lets name it: team bhp) for its build quality.

Well they are relating it to safety. Thats where they are totally wrong. I tell you the paint quality and the sheet metal quality of (lets not say hyundai) but volkswagen for instance, is far ahead of maruti. You can easily get scratches and dents on a maruti. It gets really annoying sometimes.


But safety, if that what concerns you, is equally good.

I saw a crash of a creta and a baleno hitting an auto and both suffered equal damage(there is a video available for both the accidents to get the relative idea of speed).


I saw baleno rear ending a volvo and a verna rear ending an s cross and the suffered equal damage.


Baleno and i20 both got 3 star euro and global ncap rating.


The only concern is swift which got 2 star global ncap but later gor 4 star in asean ncap with 2 airbag and same 850kg weight!






In both the cases car's crumple zone worked perfectly, no intrusion to cabin, and no casualties.

The above evidences are collected from indian ncap! Barrier is a solid chakda!haha

At the end of the day, its how attentive you are on the road


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