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Jul 16, 2018

Which is the best automatic car under 9 lakh?


Edited: Jul 16, 2018

I am looking to buy my first automatic car. Budget is 9 lakh. So. i want to know which car would be best buy in terms of driveability, after sales service and overall a good package. Please suggest.

Jul 20, 2018

But both of them are out of budget as i am at a tight budget..

Jul 20, 2018

Get the Baleno Delta CVT, I got it for 8 lakhs brand new in April 2016. Very satisfied with it, very value for money and is quite feature rich, great on relaiablity, even it has got good after sales service and great mileage too. I think it will suit your needs well.

Jul 21, 2018Edited: Jul 21, 2018

Thanks, but if i have to choose between Ignis, Swift and Baleno then which should be the best buy among? I know Ignis and swift are AMTs and only Baleno is cvt among.. which among them performs better when you push hard.. i know DSG performs superior but among cvt and amt which is the one to buy? Please help..

Jul 21, 2018

During the purchase of Baleno CVT, we had even test driven the Celerio AMT just to understand the difference between AMT and CVT. After the test drive we found that CVT’s are far superior and AMT’s are really jerky. One of my relatives even owns an Ignis Zeta AMT and he is not at all satisfied, he wants to upgrade to a CVT. My vote is go for Baleno CVT its a far superior gear box compared to AMT. Do keep us updated.

Jul 22, 2018

Thanks for the valuable advice man.. will surely keep it in mind

Jul 22, 2018

Diesel - Ameo and Amaze, petrol - Jazz.

Jul 22, 2018

But they are above the budget Faisal..

Jul 22, 2018

Jazz lack some features while ameo lacks rear seat space baleno only misses out on paddle shifters

And my question is

1 Baleno CVT petrol or diesel

2 Is ford planning to launch any freestyle automatic

3 Is i10 amt petrol sportz (o) is better than any of its rivals at 8 lakhs or there are any other amt or cvt options

Jul 22, 2018

1) Baleno is only available with CVT in petrol

2) Ford is planning to launch freestyle Automatic in 2019 it will mostly come with a Tourque converter gearbox.

3) I had even test driven grand i10 At, it just comes with 4 speed at which is just fine for city duties, and the gearbox was a slow to respond.

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