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May 19

Which flagship sedan to buy?


IN our Indian market there are 4 luxury brand which offer there flagship sedan.

1)Audi A8 L

2)Bmw 7 Series

3)Mercedes Benz S-class

4)Jaguar Xj l

I watched every review of your excepting Audi A8 l. because it is not done yet but somehow i am still confuse between these 4. I already own Bmw 5 Series 2018 for self driving. Now i want chauffeur driven car. plz suggest


Buddy i think the audi A8L and the mercedes s class and bmw 7 series as well are a good option. Also these have a considarable sale as compared to the jaguar xjl. But here, mostly mercedes makes up the market in the flagship sedan segment. In terms of technology and features, all the four are absolutely sensational...

The S-Class is the best in the segment.

A8 isn't on sale in India since a few years now. New one is expected later this year.

Ya it has some cool features like the continuous light connecting both the tail lights.... it looks tooo dope. The car is also longer than the previous generation i think. Its front is also changed a bit( there are quite sharp lines on the car)..

S class anyday over d Audi . S has d best back seat as well.

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