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Jun 13

Which car should I buy - Swift VXI/Figo Titanium (P)?


Edited: Jun 13

Recently I got 18, and have earned enough from odd gigs to purchase my first hatchback!


But we got a prblm here or, rather a confusion. I don't know much about cars in general (technical part) but have always been crazy about them :D and am now caught up in a confusion as to which car I should buy:


I was looking at the petrol variants of the cars, and the most feasible ones in my budget appear to be Swift VXI and Figo Titanium (P). Any others suggested? Which one to go for?


@Faisal Khan, which car is better in all respects, which points should I consider while buying the car or, rather a hatchback in general? I am a total noob at buying or, using cars, please help out!


Also, should I go for June offers if any available at the dealership, or, wait for better offers assuming I can expect better offers to come soon later this year?


Please suggest me precautions and advise me on the things to consider/inspect while taking the delivery of the car as well!

If you want safety go for figo but if you want mileage and want to enjoy your ride I will prefer you to go for swift. MY personal opinion is go for figo.

Good luck for your first car.

Jun 13Edited: Jun 13

Thanks @Suman Mishra, so Figo excels @ build quality + safety, and yeah, agree that Swift is more sportier, enjoyable and gives a better average. Hmm...

Figo. For its built and even for the slight upmarket feel on the interior quality and much more features over the Swift Vxi.

Swift only has a better sportier engine, rest everything is better on the Figo like the suspension , stearing and many more things.

Why not the Figo diesel, it's the best hatchback in the market right now.

Yes sir you're right but I didn't suggested petrol or diesel I just suggested figo over swift due to safety . Sir I always follow you I am one of your subscriber in YouTube. I always watch your new videos everyday. So whatever you will say it will be right.

@ Faisal Khan

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