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Jul 25, 2018

Which Car is best for Attaching Wheelchairs

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Edited: Jul 25, 2018

Hello Car Enthusiasts,


I am looking to buy a car that can easily make way for a wheelchair (unfolded). I know there are SUVs like the Pajeros, fortuners and the endeavours. How about the Cretas and the Jeep Compass? Can it's rear trunk comfortably hold a full wheelchair (unfolded).


Also if one of you can help me with any other ideas to fit a wheelchair in a normal car (sedan), would be great.


Any wheelchair attachment accessory or anything else please suggest. The only condition is it should be easy for the person to attach or detach the wheelchair anywhere anytime and without anyone's help.


If the person can simply drive into the car with his electric automatic wheelchair, that would be good too.


I am open to all kinds of suggestions.



your ideas are extremely important for me. Why don't you make a video exclusively for this? Because everyone has a relative/friend or a loved one who has a mobility problem.


What do you think?



Oct 14, 2018

Guys can anyone reply for this?????????????????????????????????????????????????

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