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Feb 28

Which car best in performance?


Hyundai Verna or Chevy Cruze ?

Both cars belong two different categories, the verna is a C segment sedan while the Cruz is a D segment sedan hence there can't be a direct comparison between the two. The Cruz is more powerful than the verna, but there's a difference in the way both cars deliver their powers. The Cruz has a weak low end making city ambling a task & requires frequent gearshifts while the verna is much livlier in the low end. The Cruz performs much better on the highways & has a better stability compared to the verna. So, it depends upon where the car would be extensively driven

Cruze has more performance due to more power but the Verna is no slouch!

Buying verna would be more safe as Hyundai is still there in the market and will be so aftersales would not be a problem.

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