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Oct 4, 2018

What to buy? New Jeep Compass or Used Range Rover Evoque? Pls help


Hi all, I have 2 vehicles - one is my personal Kwid AT bought just 4 months ago which i bought just to refine my driving skills. Have driven around 1500 kms till now. Other car i have is BMW GT which i rarely take out since its a family car & i feel more comfortable taking Kwid out therefore. Now i want to buy a decent personal SUV within budget of 25 lacs. I would not be driving more than 400-600 kms per month max. My current confusion is between Jeep Compass AT - Limited Plus (which is just launched) and a Preowned Range Rover Evoque (Pure or Dynamic...2013/2014 are available within my budget) I love the looks of both of these vehicles but am not able to decide whether i should go for brand new Jeep or used Evoque. My priority is definitely = 1. Looks of the car 2. Brand of the car 3. Features of the car Which one has lower maintenance ? Which one would be easier on mind to manage later once bought? I would really appreciate some feedback from other members. I hope Faisal can also give his input (big fan buddy...have watched literally so many of ur videos....ur first vid i had seen was of RE Continental GT since i own one ever since that bike was launched).

Oct 4, 2018

I would have loved to buy Volvo XC60 but totally out of my budget and its not yet such an old model so that i can get a used XC60 at lower price. :((

Oct 8, 2018

Problem with buying used luxury cars is, if they have an issue, it will be a hassle and also costly to fix. Otherwise, the Evoque sure sounds tempting.

Oct 8, 2018

Thanks for the helpful feedback. Only thing tempting me for Evoque is its exterior/interior styling and moreover its brand name. Otherwise i find Compass's looks and interior features now with one of biggest screens and panaromic sunroof adequate for my liking. As Compass would be new, atleast i can be assured of no costs to bear atleast until its in warranty. Should i consider Evoque just for its brand name or Jeep Compass would also be perceived as a premium vehicle when someone looks at it on road ?

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