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May 6

Want to know solution for bottoming out the suspension of Grand i10


One of our family member's grand i10 is suffering from a problem of easy bottoming out on moderately rough road where other cars feel fine tackling them. The suspension has not been modified at any point and is in stock factory setting. Still with occupance of just 4 people in the car the i10 bottoms out very easily and the ride quality is affected to a lot degree.

I have a Tiago and have a experience of driving Swift and WagonR lot more than other cars. When compared these cars with the Grand i10 , the suspension of the Grand i10 feels too soft for my liking ( is it the problem with Grand i10? ) The other three cars with full occupancy of 5 people dont have the same problem.

Every time when servicing the i10 we have addressed the problem but have always got the responses like "Hyundai's suspension cannot be tuned", "Sir this is the best setting ", " No car has better setup than i10" . We even wrote a mail stating the problem to the Hyundai's designated authority and they said that " No other owners have got the same problem but will rectify it in the next generation of the Grand i10". At the service center asked the other i10 owners and they also said that they are facing the same issue when 5 people are sitting in the car. We even changed the Hyundai's serive centres but the problem is still there.

Just need a solution to this problem as the car is just 1 year old and no one likes to have a issue with a new car. Even lot of long distance trip are in the pipeline for vacation and going by the road conditions need and urgent solution ( even after market parts ) will do.

I think this is the way how Hyundai tunes the suspension.For example the bigger and the more expensive Tuscon suffers from the same issue! For solving this issue @Faisal Khan can guide you but you might loose your warranty.

At least hyundai should have offered adjustability , as my tiago had the opposite problem of hard front suspension but when told the service center they softened it

You can opt for after market stiffer springs but the soft suspension helps in the ride.

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