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Sep 12, 2018

Volkswagen is busy in downsizing the engines!!


2018 hasn’t been such a great year for automotive industry. Not all cars which are being released are growing popular. Obviously, the Swift came out and is quite popular now. Also VW, which is by any means the best car manufacturer in India just downsized the Polo’s 1.2 Mpi to a 1.0 Mpi ‘ Pace’. Now this is the most sluggish engine ever released by VW(We can see that in Faisal’s Vlog today). The car enthusiast were obviously expecting a bigger and more popular engine but it turned out to be a bad decision made by VW. They could‘ve given the 1.0 TSI engine but No, we don’t get that. What we get is shit piece of an engine which slower than even the Kwid and priced at 9 lakhs. VW has already taken its customers for granted and this act is not at all justified.

Sep 15, 2018

Completely agree with you dude

Sep 17, 2018

That's the reason why VW sells so less cars in India because they offer such engines that people prefer to buy less safer rival brands.

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