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Dec 28, 2018

Used VW JETTA or vento or rapid


I'm looking for a used diesel automatic . My choices would be a used Jetta anything below 65k km run 2011/2/3 models purely for their driving charactheteristics, comfort and D segment presence.

The other choice would be to look for a 2017 rapid under 30-40k km run which still have some warranty and service remaining but yes the 1.5 tdi with 7 speed dsg offers good performance on the highway I still don't like the lack of refinement from the motor or lack of smooth city performance, the space it offers in front driver seat etc.

Both these cars are going to depreciate a lot further after 2-3 years of ownership . Will the Jetta be reliable ? The tranny and engine should hold up . Rest maintanence can be handled by me or it's just sensible to go for a newer vehicle ?

What would be the sensible choice ?

Dec 28, 2018

A less run, newer car is a better bet always in the used car market, I would suggest the Rapid, more so considering the Jetta has been discontinued.

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