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Jun 29

Used Car Buying Advice


I was planning to buy a new hatchback lately but the pricing became a major setback together with the fact that there were hardly any discounts offered by my favorite brands this season. So, I started hunting for used cars.


I have shortlisted 2 cars both in the premium hatchback segment:

  • 2018 Baleno Delta P, 8000 Km done (accessories with after market work)

  • 2019 Baleno Delta P, 4000 Km done (fully stock car)

So, @Faisal Khan what do you think how much should I offer for these cars? Asking price for both of them are roughly around 5.5-6 Lakh, but I think its too much. How much at max should I offer for them?


Also, being a first time used car buyer, what are the costs to get the car on the road, as in taxes, and re-registration if any?


Maybe, this post could be turned into a used car beginner buyer's thread, with experienced forum members adding more details into the nitty-gritty of buying used cars, about inspecting and things to care of while buying used cars.

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