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Jul 8, 2018

Upgrade Brio tyre from 175/65 R14 to 185/60 R14 michelin?


Hello Faisal and Members,

I am thinking for upgrading my Honda Brio tyre from 175/65 R14 MRF to 185/60 R14 michelin mainly for good road grip and less tyre noise. I also hope it will make the steering little heavy which will make the driving in high speed better to some extent. I don't mind if the mileage goes down my 1/1.5 KM/Ltr. Do you guys recommend this?

Jul 17, 2018Edited: Jul 17, 2018

i highly recommend you to go with stock size 175/65 R14 unless you experience any issues with it or you feel lack of grip.

Bridgestone tyres are known to long last. I'm using it for my Honda city. Michelin is also a great option

the reason i am not recommending you to up size because manufacturer think, research, calibrate and then fix the tire size. Your car is made to go well with 175/65 R14 although it may be cost cutting . My relative who works in tyre company (engineer) said this. Although upsizing tires give you grip there are more trade-offs too like wrong speedo reading, less mileage, firmer ride ect.,

Jul 17, 2018

Thanks for the details Muthu.

Jul 18, 2018

You can go for 185/60/14 or you can opt for same spec tyre as stock with better rubber for improved grip and overall performance.

Jul 18, 2018

Hi brother... yeah you can opt for a slightly larger section,infact it is just going to increase the width by just 1 centimetre,so practicality doesn't make much difference,the thing is that Michelin is slightly harder compound tyre and has softer side wall,so the handling would slightly be on the softer side,the better alternative is that you can opt for Yokohama earth 1 series,it's side wall is slightly harder and the road noise is very less,it's tread pattern does good job in wet roads too,so the overall experience from people is Yokohama has been good ,it itmy suggestions brother...

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