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Aug 27, 2018

Toyota Fortuner, 2013 vs 2016 (both 4*4 Mt)

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Edited: Aug 27, 2018

Hello Faisal, My Name is vishal and i am a resident of Assam. I own a toyota fortuner 2013 top end model (MT). No doubt,The New Fortuner is the gorgeous looking fortuner till date.Looks are subjective obviously.BUT SOMEHOW, THE NEW ONE MISSES THE ROBUST AND ALPHA STANCE’S like the OlD one. For eg: The Bonnet Air Intake, the boxy design has now transformed slick and sophisticated(lexus DNA all over). And also the fender mirror which suits better only in the old one. I would request for a comparision video here, for both the Gen’s side by side. It would be great for us,the viewers watching The Legendry Engine D-4D 3.0 full time 4WD against the new 2.8.




Toyota Fortuner is the vehicle which was came in the market in before a ten month age. This is very comfortable vehicle for the traveling in my assignment help the mountain and also the difficult pathways.it is to much cheap as compared to the other vehicles.

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