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Dec 29, 2018

Tiago vs NRG


Edited: Dec 29, 2018


Finally I am planning Tiago NRG in few days (want delivery in Feb 2019)

I have following question

  1. How it differ from regular Tiago in terms of handling over hilly roads (twist and turns) speed cornering. Will it be negligible difference? And will it be stable on triple digit speed.

  2. Would I have to worry about NVH levels, I am upgrading from 5 year old Alto 800 (2014 make sole owner)?

  3. Lastly, I learn that seat cover can reduce seat comfort. Can you suggest which type of cover should I go with, will it retain the seat comfort. I am afraid of spill as I have kids.

Dec 29, 2018

It's very similar to the Tiago, so there isn't much difference in terms of how both of them drive, the NRG is just a bit heavier due to added weight of the cosmetic add-ons.


NVH is decent, insulation is far better than the Alto.


Go for PU leather, art leather.

Dec 30, 2018


Its 10 mm higher and might be tuned suspension, though I am not sure. if the suspension is changed/tuned behavior might be changed.

I still need to know does seat cover can reduce seat comfort?

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