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Mar 25

The Innova I had...


I had an Innova long back,the 2006 model. The car was very close to my heart. Built quality was just something else.The performance was outstanding. I call the Innova as HIGHWAY SPECIALIST. We drove it for about 100000 km.The car never gave me even a single problem even after five years, but then in 2014 we sold it because the car started to show its age. It started giving a TON of problems.

But overall I was quite impressed with the Innova.A car which was a part of my Family.

What's really impressive is its resale value.



The first generation wagon r which my family owns is going to hit 2 lakh kms on indian road (pointing at the condition) and still had least to no issue other then rusting at some parts.

Bro I too have a wagon R. And I am very with it. My car has done around sixty thousand km and still runs like new.

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