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May 10

Tata hexa or buzzard


Hey Faisal, I wanted to ask that is there any possibility of discontinuation of hexa on arrival of buzzard (7 seater) . And is hexa manual a good purchase over a long term. PS: keep up the good work:)


Buddy i don't think so that hexa would be dicontinued and i think you should wait for the arrival of the bazzard. Looking at the success of harrier, bazzard will also leave no stone unturned in its segment. Also hexa (manual) has a good punch on offer as compared to the automatic verient but the manual gear box is quite sticky and sometimes feels hard and heavy to put. Overall, there is not much difference between the manual and automatic. If you are not satisfied with this comment then faisal sir will definately help you....😃😃😃

Hexa will be discontinued as the engine won't meet BS6 norms.

Go for the Hexa diesel AT! (the manual gearshift sucks)

Not sure with the reliability of an automatic as had bad experience with dsg


Don't worry bro, it's a torque converter, it's almost as reliable as a manual gearbox. You can check on the internet.

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