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Jul 13, 2018

Swift vs Freestyle vs Grand i10 for daily driving.


Edited: Jul 13, 2018

Hello Faisal,

I own a 2011 Alto LXI and I'm planning to upgrade to a new car. My budget is around 8-8.5L. I use the car for daily driving around the city and occasional highway drives. I clock around 10000kms per year. Hence I think the petrol engine better for my requirement. I have shortlisted some cars. They are Maruti Swift, Ford Freestyle and Hyundai Grand i10.

My requirements are, the car should be reliable with minimum maintenance, should be built well (good build quality), it should be comfortable for daily driving and occasional highway drives and a good resale value. I also give priority to safety features. I live in a town where the road conditions aren't that good and they are uneven in some places.

Please help me to choose one car among these which fits my requirement and also the reason behind the selection. I have heard that the exterior build quality of the new swift is not up to the mark. A minor impact can cause a big damage. Is it true? and any news about 3rd generation Figo?

Waiting for your reply!!!

Thank you.

Jul 15, 2018

swift is light weight shit... built Quality of swift is shit. .. Buy freestyle its awesome car best in it's segment & ford promises cheapest cost of ownership. freestyle service cost is cheaper than grand & swift

Jul 16, 2018

Third generation Figo will come only by 2020 as the facelift of the second generation is yet to arrive.

Jul 18, 2018

Hii.... since you are on a budget upgrade and needed a value for money vehicle,you can also have TATA Tiago or nexon petrol in your list, Tata's built quality is much good ,since wanted lesser maintenance it does have low cost,the features offered is more for the money you spend,so my suggestion to consider it,so if you are going to drive more than 30 kms a day on average,go with petrol car ,if it's more than 2000 kms a month, it's worth to buy diesel and diesel engine have higher (almost double) cost of maintenance and more initial investment.

Jul 23, 2018

you can go for freestyle its a rather nice among the three. i suggest you not to go for maruti becoz build quality is worst. freestyle has more to offer in terms of power and performance which i10 somewhere lacks. so i suggest you to go for freestyle. or you can look for some more options

Jul 31, 2018

close your eyes and go for the freestyle it will satisfy all your requirements and will still have a lots of feature to put in use.

Thank you friends for supporting me. Booked Freestyle Titanium Diesel.

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