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Aug 12

Suggest a Compact SUV Petrol(MT & AMT)


Hello Faisal brother, I follow u a lot and i watch every video on ur youtube channel. I am planning to buy a compact SUV in Petrol(My First Car)...can u please suggest me a good car in the current market considering ride quality and interior features(Other than Eco Sport, we already have one in the family). My choice is Nexon.. but please suggest me a good car as i respect your suggestion more than mine(u know really alot about cars)..so suggest me a compact suv in petrol, one best car in MT as well as one best one in AMT transmission, both in petrol. Thank you Manveer Ponogoti

I thought for going to Venue, but in a fix

which variant to take, the top end goes to 12.8 lakh on road.

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