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Jul 27, 2018

Škoda Service!!


My family is planning to buy the škoda Octavia 1.8 TSI L&K model soon. But I've heard not such great thinngs about the skoda servicing. I live in Mumbai so would probably get it from JMD dealership. can anyone exactly tell me what's exactly wrong with skoda services and if I should consider corolla or the Jeep compass as an alternative?

Jul 27, 2018

Go for it , Škoda's servicing is improving. Im am also a skoda owner

Jul 28, 2018

i don't know about the service part but i do know that the dsg gearbox used on 1.8 petrol octavia is not reliable as it uses dry clutch which is not reliable at all as i have geard from many people but if you want petrol car only then go withc octavia rs

Jul 28, 2018

Yes their service is improving, it also depends on your relationship with the dealer.

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