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Mar 27

Renault Captur Petrol XT, worth buying?


Good morning Faisal,


Hope you are doing good and revving up somewhere :)

I saw your video on Captur petrol RXT and was impressed with the dynamics of the car as you described. Now I own a 3rd generation Honda City and while it's only 35K on the odometer, I still enjoy it thoroughly but somehow feel that I am bored and want to change.

So finalized Renault Captur, Hyundai Creta & Nissan Kicks. Now the question, is Captur petrol worth buying? Or should I go for Creta or any other car? Looking forward to hearing from you.




The Renault Captur is a good car but since it's not selling well, resale won't be good.

Thanks Faisal. Appreciate your response. I am getting a 2 Lac straight discount on a January 2018 manufactured car, should I go for it?

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