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Jun 26, 2018

Remapping of car


I am planning to do remapping to s-cross smart hybrid is it good??

Will it affect warranty of engine??

And what about average of

Jun 26, 2018

U will get everything in this website

Jun 26, 2018

Hey Samarpit.. Yes, a performance remap may affect your engine’s warranty. If you’re going for a stage 1 remap, average is going to increase by 0.5 kmpl, don’t expect a huge bump. Stage 1+, 2 and 3 will decrease your average. A DieselTRONIC Tuning Box will not affect the warranty as it is a plug and play thing but it will harm your engine in the long go. Remap is the more safer side. Both do the same work but in very different ways. Go for a remap. It is great. No more low end turbo lag and a huge difference in power offered by the car. The tuning box is also a fine option if you don’t want to void your warranty.

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