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Mar 23

Premium car under 8lakhs.


I need a premium family petrol car for city driving which is comfortable in both front and rear seat and has a good built quality. Four people are going to sit most of the times.

Grand i10 or Xcent . Both of thrm are perfect for city driving. Comfort level is extremely nice and the ride quality too is fabulous . It has a very good low end punch but lacks a bit on high-end. It's extremely phenomenal for city driving .. I own one and I am very much satasfied.

Mar 23

What about the Ford Aspire ?

Why not the Baleno, has good rear seat space.

Mar 24

Sir, I've heard that Baleno's build quality is not good and also Maruti Suzuki uses a weaker sheet than other car makers.

Mar 24

Check out the Hyundai i20 if you want premium feel and good enough for 4 ppl and good for city traffic

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