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Nov 18, 2018

Pre Owned vento


I am a student and I want to buy a pre owned car and my budget is 3-3.5 lakhs and I have opted for Volkswagen Vento.

And here in delhi I am getting 2012-2013 model petrol model vento in that range.

Please tell me will it be a good buy for me ?

Nov 19, 2018

If it's in good condition, go for it.

Nov 19, 2018

I am from Hyderabad and I bought a pre-owned Vento 1.6TDI 1 year back. It was a 2012 november model , Highline variant with 68k on the odo at the time of purchase. She was in a pretty good condition. Right now the odo is at 97500kms. So in one year I did about 30,000kms. Absolutely no issues with the car. Apart from regular maintenance , the only components changed are Brake pads along with Rotors. I have been servicing her on a regular basis (every 10,000kms as opposed to company recommended 15,000kms interval) at an independent garage. There were no rattles whatsoever in the car. She is still on original clutch and suspension. I take good care of her and in turn she puts a smile on my face everytime i give her the beans. The engine still pulls like crazy. I believe that these german cars need special care when compared to our desi cars (Maruti,Tata and the likes). 1.6 TDI cars are infamous for Injector failures and I am doing my best in maintaining her(Filling fuel only at trusted outlets and using additives for injector cleaning on a regular basis) so that she does'nt leave me stranded on that odd unlucky day. I want to clock 2,00,000 kms on this car and I sincerely believe that she can do it. Coming to maintenance , regular service (Fully Synthetic engine oil, oil filter,air filter ,fuel filter, wheel alignment and balancing etc,) costs between Rs 8,000 to 10,000 and the service interval is 15,000kms or 1 year as recommended by the company. So for 30,000kms the service cost is about Rs20,000. The service cost for a Maruti Swift is Rs 6,000 to 7,000 for every 10,000 kms. So for 30,000 kms the service cost for Swift will be around Rs18,000 to 21,000 which is comparable to Vento. But spares will cost 20-30% higher than Maruti. Hence if you want a car which is safe(Dual Airbags and ABS) , has good build quality , good highway manners , good fuel efficiency ( 17-24kmpl on highway and 12-18kmpl in city depending on how you drive) and acceptable maintenance costs GO for VENTO. Moreover you get more bang for your buck as VW's depreciate more when compared to Maruti Dzire etc, and YOU get a far more Superior car in terms of handling , comfort etc. Happy Motoring. Below is a pic of my stallion.



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