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Feb 9

Planning to buy a car. Hyundai Creta or Kia SP?


Hello Faizal. I am Dr Chirag from Mumbai.

I like watching your reviews.

My I20 has completed 6 years and now I am looking out for SUV.

I had almost finalised Creta but then I heard about Kia SP concept coming to India which got me excited.

Moreover I gmfeel buying a Creta now would mean that it will become outdated in ayear as new one is coming in 2020 with LED DRL above and headlight below.


My question is, Should I wait for Kia? Woukd it be worth it to trust a new brand like Kia in India?

Feb 9

If you are looking for a diesel then the tata harrier would be a great option, if you want a petrol manual then check out the Nissan kicks as it doesn't offer an automatic in petrol, even diesel is adequate. The creta is still a good choice but only if you want to buy a diesel as it is the only one which offers a proper diesel automatic.

Feb 9

The Kia sp could be a good choice if you can wait for it but service is something that will be a question mark.

Yes thats what. I stay in Mumbai. I am sure they would come up with at least 2 servhce centres in Mumbai. But its always difficult to trust on a completely new brand (for India). My i20 is also 6 yrs plus. So i dont want to wait untill 6 months after the launch of SP.

Feb 9

In that case go with either creta or the harrier. The creta is a more reliable product and considering you owned a Hyundai you can expect the owning experience to be good

Feb 12

Go for Hyundai creta as it's a trusted car and if u want to experiment then go for Tata harrier but there are some problem with Tata 's service centres as their services are not satisfying so, If you ask me than go definitely for Hyundai creta 1.6 sx(o) it's a fully loaded car and even the AT variant is good 👍

Feb 12

I would definitely go with harrier, it's just safe and is better in ride quality...

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