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Jun 26, 2018

Octavia vs Civic


If i want to upgrade from my current Honda City, is it worth waiting for the civic ? if yes then till when? will the 1.5L engine make it to India? an enthusiast's choice. manual or auto box is not an issue..


Jun 27, 2018

See, what I think is that if it is not an urgency, then you can wait for the civic to make it to India.

But If you want to buy a car earliest possible, then the motor and engine of the octavia is very punchy.

You can also consider Elantra if you want if your budget is a bit low and if you want a practical car worth the money. Octavia is a bit overpriced and it is a car for enthusiasts. If you have money, go for octavia.

All I expect and recommend you is to wait for civic, take a test drive of all your shortlisted cars and then decide because afterall, everyone has a personal taste and choice.

Jun 27, 2018

By when will it come ? And will it have the 1.5L ?

Jun 27, 2018

According to honda, civic will make it to India in this financial year. Exact date is not finalised by honda yet

Jun 27, 2018

if you want petrol sedan then go with octavia rs but if budget does not permits then wait for civic but please do not go with octavia's 1.8l(petrol) automatic option as the dsg gear box in petrol octavia is not reliable but if you want diesel then octavia is the way to go.

Jun 27, 2018Edited: Jun 27, 2018

I agree with Nimish. I know many of my friends stepped back from buying great performance cars like octavia 1.8 TSI, Vento TSI and Polo GT TSI just because of unreliable DSG gearbox DQ200. Hope they come up with an wet clutch for these models like they have DQ250 in Octavia diesel and Octavia petrol RS.

If you leave apart the DSG issue, octavia 1.8 TSI will be better performer than Civic.

Jul 17, 2018Edited: Jul 17, 2018

when you are going to spend a lot of money i think skoda octavia is no brainer.

The quality levels are just way better than the outgoing civic internationally.

Octavia looks more premium ,spacious , feature packed and is a great driver car

Get yourselves 1.8 TSI or 2.0 TDI

you cant go wrong in both of them.

Get civic if you like its petrol and if you are hoooonda guy

Jul 17, 2018

Hi Muthu, whats your comment on DQ200 DSG issue in 1.8 TSI.

Jul 18, 2018

You can wait for the Civic, it will be worth the wait but I still find the Octavia to be the best car in the D-segment.

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