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Jun 25, 2018

Naturally aspirated vs turbocharged: Your opinion

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Rather than going specific on choosing a car, I wanted to get a general opinion based on a set of criteria on which is better: a naturally aspirated engine or a turbocharged engine, so that I can have my mind better set. (Well, I'm still in college and there are couple more months before I can afford a car :P)

As we know, with the fuel norms getting stricter and stricter, turbos are spooling in (literally :P) and naturally aspirated engines are kind of heading into the graveyard. In conventional cars, turbo 3 cylinders are kind of getting favoured instead of naturally aspirated 4 cylinders, and even in sports cars like the M3, M5, Ferrari 458 etc, all of these had naturally aspirated V8s in the last era, and now they all have turbo V8s. Well, apart from the fact of regulatory concerns, which is the better choice to go for, considering


1. Maintenance costs

2. Fuel economy

3. Torque at both low and high speeds

4. NVH

5. Driving experience and pleasure

Jun 25, 2018

Maintenance wise,a naturally aspirated engine will be cheaper to maintain as there is no turbo to clean:p

Fuel economy-while turbocharged diesels are more fuel efficient than NA diesels ,it's the other way round when it comes to petrol for e.g even with a heavy foot,my Dzire with the 1.2 K12 returns around 10-12kmpl but a Polo TSi driven similarly will return a mere 5-7 kmpl (trust me on this).

Torque at both low and high speeds-that solely depends on the tuning of the engine (at which RPM or in which RPM bracket the engine will make the maximum torque and power).

NVH-that depends on how many insulating materials the company has skimped on:P

Driving experience and pleasure-this is something which is subjective and varies from person to person.

But one thing is to be noted that a turbocharged motor performes better in the mid-range(that means you don't have to revv the nuts out of the motor to extract the maximum power like you have to do with NA motor.


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