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Jan 17

Mercs GLA vs Jeep Compass


Hi Guys / Faisal,

I am planning to buy a compact SUV with luxury level features. Budget of around 25L. I have shortlisted the Jeep Compass Limited Plus. However, I am getting a good deal on a used Mercs GLA 200d Sport Variant for 23L. Car is in great condition 1.8years old and run for only 18k km.

Let me know your views to help make a decision. I am not going to do too much of off-roading and monthly average running might be around 1500kms.


If you want the Mercedes badge, go for the GLA but other than that, there is little it has to offer when compared to the Compass which is bigger and rides better too.

Jan 17

Thank you appreciate your advice. The only other advantage I see with GLA is that its a diesel automatic and unfortunately Jeep hasn't launched that version yet. Is the Compass petrol automatic worth the price? I heard the mileage is not great.

@jignesh06 if you want the premium logo, go for the Mercedes but service is expensive.


Compass diesel AT expected by June, petrol does drink a lot of fuel.

Jan 18

@Faisal Khan Thank you so much. I think I should wait for the Compass Diesel AT.

Love all your videos and reviews.. keep up the good work.. cheers!

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