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Jul 22

mercedes benz cla or audi a3 ???


i am really very confused what should i buy because i loved the design of cla but i do found a3 as a very practical car or should i ignore both and go for octavia l&k ??? i really love to drive so please suggest me accordingly what to go for ?

Ignore both and go for the Octavia L&K.

Jul 22

i am really very thankful for your advice and can you suggest me which engine should i go for like petrol or diesel and since i was having a budget of 40-45 lac so is there any other car that you like would suggest me that is fun to drive

@imjash1 well u have dat budget , u can streach a little and get d 320d or d C200d. 3 is better in driving but getting an update soon. Both are rear wheel which adds to d fun factor. OR if u dont want to shell out more, get the Skoda Superb L&K. Ull get a feature packed spacious fun to drive luxury sedan all in one.

Jul 22

@sarvpreet Singh well i have visited bmw for 3 series but as you also said they are having an update of that model so the car is currently not available for sale and i am an 20 yr old guy so the sales person in mercedes suggested me that i should go for cla rather than c class becauz cla has all the sportyness in it and it will suite my personality and also thankyou for your suggestion i highly appreciate it

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