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Feb 8

Maintenance of german car


Hey bro,

Which of these German car is cheap to maintain Bmw,Audi or Mercedes.

In terms of service cost,periodic maintenance and tyre replacement. Currently i am owing 2019 Bmw 5 series 530d msport. But for my knowledge I am eager to know.

Feb 8

All German cars are known to have high maintenance costs irrespective of the brand as the cost of spares mainly depends on the localisation of the spare parts. For example, if the spares are made in India then the parts are likely to be less expensive when concompa to parts that are imported.

And when it comes to time frame for the maintenance, all German cars have the same maintenance cycle like every 15000kms or 1 year.

Feb 14

VolVo is now owned by a Chinese company...technically not anymore swedish

Actually in that segment, its the Lexus which is the cheapest to own.

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