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Jul 25

Looking to buy the perfect fun powered car


Hello everyone, I hope you all are doing good. I’m a new car enthusiast and was looking on buying the perfect car in my budget under 8-9 lakhs Petrol. I loved the Polo Gt Tsi and the Baleno Rs. I wouldn’t be driving the car too much, just once or twice a week. Also strongly need advice on how practical it is to buy a second hand Honda Civic for under 4 lakhs and have it fixed to perfect. I love the Honda Civic but would like to know more pros and cons of the car and maintaince before buying one. Any advice would be really appreciate. Good day All!!

Why not considering the Figo diesel ?? It has loads of torque for the fun u want. Its also about 2 lakhs cheaper dan the other two. Still out of those two, Polo gt tsi is better.

I second the choice for the Figo diesel.

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